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Pilgrim's Pride chicken parts rendering plant proposed in Carnesville, GA

How will it affect our schools, churches, and neighborhoods?

Photo taken at a rendering plant in Ward, SC. This plant is not owned by Pilgrim’s Pride but it has been widely used as a comparable plant using the same technology that is proposed here.


This decision will fall on the county commissioners, so we have to show up to make our voices heard.

A decision will be made on June 7th, 2021.

Local residents could deal with the foul smell of unwanted chicken parts every year, with minimal REAL WORLD benefit to us.

History of a Bad Neighbor

Monetary Penalties

According to “Good Jobs First,” a national policy research center, Pilgrims Pride & parent company JBS have incurred 184 violations and nearly $35 million in fines since 2000. These include environmental, employment, and safety-related offenses.


Environmental Groups Achieve Major Clean Water Settlement With World's Second Largest Chicken Producer, Pilgrim's Pride. It was the largest Clean Water Act penalty in a citizen enforcement suit in Florida history.

Workplace Violations

The federal agency that regulates workplace safety fined chicken producer Pilgrim’s Pride $26,988 for hazards found after a worker died in an accident in January at a plant in north Alabama.


Delauro Letter - JBS Investigation

In light of anow-proven pattern of criminal conduct, I write to request the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) initiate suspension and debarment proceedings against JBS USA, the U.S. subsidiary of the Brazilian-owned and controlled meatpacker JBS SA, and each of its companies, including but not limited to Pilgrim’s Pride.

Would Piligrim's Pride Be A Good Neighbor

“ But what an autumn it was! The above totals, not updated since Sept. 28, look like a drop in the bucket compared to Reuters’ reporting on Oct. 14 that Pilgrim’s Pride pleaded guilty and will pay a $110.5 million fine for price fixing. Additionally, JBS was fined $26.9 million — and J&F Investimentos, the parent company of JBS, must pay $256 million — for violating the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

Learn More About Pilgrim's Pride and Parent Company

“Penalty totals since 2000 $61,822,951”

Will Our Rivers Be Affected?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– Environment Florida and the Sierra Club announced today that they have filed a proposed consent decree in federal court to settle their lawsuit against Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation for alleged violations of the federal Clean Water Act at the company’s poultry processing plant in Live Oak, Florida.

State fines Pilgrim's Pride plant for ammonia leak.

CHARLOTTE, NC – The North Carolina Department of Labor fined a Pilgrim's Pride plant in Marshville, NC $107,000 after an ammonia leak and explosion that occurred in August 2011. The agency also issued the plant more than 30 citations for various violations.

A secret for over a year

If it is such a "Good thing" why has it been kept a secret for over a year???

Diane Jacobs Forester

Concerned Franklin County Citizen

This plant has presented many concerns.

This may be the most valuable interchange in Carnesville for growth. Franklin County residents are eager for growth but residents of Carnesville have already been burned once. This plant has presented many concerns. Once the plant comes, the area will not be a welcoming place for other industries and businesses and will drive local resident's land value down.  concerned citizen.

Concerned Franklin County Citizen

This is not that kind of decision.

People in Franklin County are mostly hard-working, blue-collar people who have a love for their community. Most spend their working lives investing in their properties and homes. Franklin County must make decisions for growth that will protect those investments. This is not that kind of decision.

Elizabeth Busby

Concerned Franklin County Citizen

You could taste the stench

The citizens of Franklin county deserve a more desirable industry than a rendering plant. I formerly lived within 5 miles of the North Georgia rendering plant located in Forsyth County Georgia. On a cloudy morning, the smell was so horrendous you could taste the stench. Surly members of the Industrial Building Authority can solicit a more suitable industry for the wonderful people in Franklin county.

Abe Padgett

Concerned Franklin County Citizen

We deserve good neighbors

Residents of Carnesville recognize the need for growth but we need smart growth. We deserve good neighbors without a reputation for violations.

Concerned Franklin County Citizen

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